Edwin Zambrano - 170hr Anaerobic Natural


MEET THE PRODUCER | The Zambrano family has a long history of growing coffee along the hillsides of Huila, and Finca Buenavista is perhaps their most treasured family heirloom. Just last year, Edwin Zambrano and his wife took over the family business, granting his mother, Dońa, a well-earned retirement. If this wild anaerobic natural lot is any indication, we think it's safe to say one thing: like their beloved farm, the pursuit of excellence is being passed down to the next generation, too.

TRUST THE PROCESS | After being briefly submerged in water, these coffee cherries were held in an anaerobic environment for a staggering 170 hours before being sun-dried on raised beds for up to 45 days. To prevent over-fermentation during that extended processing time, the temperature of the fermentation environment was kept relatively cool, resulting in a coffee that is definitely funky, and yet somehow still restrained.

TAKE A SIP | This coffee is a wild ride, but it manages to maintain a vibrant, citric acidity despite its extended fermentation time. Orange marmalade comes to mind here. Fun flavors like blue razz and red sangria are delightful on the palette, and the sweetness here reminds us of craft chocolate. Put it all together, and we're reminded of stealing Queen Anne cordial cherries from our dad's secret stash every Christmas - except that these flavors feel a little more grown up, like perhaps these cordials were made by a master chocolatier.


Origin | Huila, Colombia

Producer | Edwin Zambrano

Farm | Finca Buenavista

Process | 170-hr anaerobic natural

Variety | Castillo

Elevation | 1700 masl