Eucalipto - Anaerobic Washed


MEET THE PRODUCER | We are thrilled to introduce proud Peruvian producer, Luz Emerita Herrera, to our menu this week! Luz is something of a lady boss in her home village of Lal Higuera - in addition to growing exclusively Bourbon coffees, she also harvests bananas on the farm she owns and manages in southern Jaén. Her consistency in excellence has earned the respect of producers throughout the region as well as from exporters, who are paying premium prices for her coffee. 

TRUST THE PROCESS | After being picked at peak ripeness, the coffee cherries are mechanically pulped before being tucked into plastic tanks to ferment for about 24 hours. After that, they are washed and then make their way to a solar dryer, where they remain until optimal moisture content is achieved. Luz and her team are also making several strides in sustainability throughout these processes, including re-directing all wasterwater and mucilage in ground deposits on the farm.

TAKE A SIP | This coffee manages to showcase both process and variety in equal parts, a feat not easily managed in an area known best for their sweet, but often one-note, crops. It's both clean and vibrant, juicy and tropical. An acidity like sweet limes and a sweetness like honeycomb candy (calling all Bit-O-Honey lovers!) combine to yield a flavor profile quite like many Portuguese white wines, or a fine Riesling. 


Origin | Colasay, Jaén, Cajamarca, Peru

Producer | Luz Emerita Herrera

Farm | El Eucalipto

Process | Anaerobic washed

Variety | Bourbon

Elevation | 1761 masl