Hermanos Sabillon - Parainema Natural


This release is a blend of two Parainema lots, one each from brothers Fredy and Merlin Sabillon. We are delighted to have the Sabillon family back on our menu!

MEET THE PRODUCERS | Fredy and Merlin Sabillon grew up in Santa Barbara, picking coffee for other farms and dreaming of one day owning their own coffee farms . At age 21, Merlin managed to purchase a 2-hectare plot of land on which to build that dream, and Fredy followed suit soon after. They began by selling commercial coffee, and it was the volatility of that market which eventually led Merlin and Fredy to pursue specialty coffee instead. Today, you can find their coffees at the Honduras Cup of Excellence alongside some of our favorite producers from that area, like Benjamin Paz (who is also responsible for introducing us to the Sabillons!). A true picture of steadfastness and resilience, we are thrilled to share their stories - and their blended Parainema lots! - with you.

TRUST THE PROCESS | After being handpicked at peak ripeness, the coffee cherries undergo both hand-sorting and floating to ensure proper quality. Then, the cherries are immediately removed to a solar dryer to dry for 17-22 days, until 9.5-10% moisture content is achieved.

TAKE A SIP | As far as naturally processed coffees go, this one is pretty approachable. When fresh, you can enjoy simple red fruit flavors and a nutty, almost praline-like, sweetness. But this coffee really shines as it begins to age out! Red fruit flavors like red plum, raspberry, and cherry become more distinct. The sweetness is confectionary in nature, combining with a citrus-like acidity to make us think of lemon pound cake. Most interesting and agreed upon, however, is a flavor experience that reminds us of malted milk chocolate balls - like the Whoppers candy we greedily ate from our Easter baskets as children.


Origin | Santa Barbara, Honduras

Producers | Fredy & Merlin Sabillon

Process | Natural

Variety |  Parainema

Elevation | 1250-1350 masl