Letty Bermudez - Thermal Shock Gesha

$30.00 USD

MEET THE PRODUCER | Diego Bermudez needs no introduction in many specialty coffee circles. Known for understanding processing in a way that few producers do, there was a time when Diego was accused of "cheating" because some of the flavors found in his coffees were so intense and nuanced, people thought they must be artificial or added. In reality, those flavors are a direct result, not only of the coffee variety being used, but of Diego's innovative and science-laden processing methods. His use of primary and secondary fermentation has produced some of the wildest flavor experiences we've ever enjoyed at the cupping table, and today's release is no different. Named in honor of his daughter, Letty, this stunning (and surprising!) Gesha lot has a lot to teach us about what is possible in processing [insert nerd emoji]. 

TRUST THE PROCESS | As already mentioned, Diego Bermudez is a bit of a processing chemist, and this coffee is certainly a testament to the success of his science experiments. The processing method used on this Gesha lot includes a dizzying number of steps and calculations, including 60 hours of aerobic fermentation in a pressurized tank, 36 hours of anaerobic fermentation in mucilage (alongside added Leuconostoc bacteria), a thermal shock and - at last - 29 hours in the Enigma dryer, or until 10% humidity is reached. 

TAKE A SIP | In a pretty uncommon turn of events, this coffee becomes less complex - but more nuanced - as it moves from hot to cool. When hot, this coffee is at its most complex, really highlighting the effects of that double fermentation. The aromatics are loud, the body is heavy, and it's incredibly tropical (think: red grapes, peaches, mangoes, strawberries, and guava). The sweetness at this temperature reminds us of unrefined panela sugar.

As the cup approaches a pleasantly warm temperature, the acidity and sweetness both ramp up, the texture becomes silky, and the flavors more juicy. Sipping the coffee at this temperature makes us think of sipping sweet peach tea.

When cool, the effects of processing fall away and give way to a real spotlight on this beloved variety. It's somehow even MORE acidic and sweet than at the warm temperature, and the coffee transforms into something simpler, but also more elegant. That peach iced tea note is still present, but that quintessential Gesha florality takes flight here - think cherry blossoms and jasmine. The whole drinking experience is a real journey, entering the room as the life of the party and ending the evening as the bell of the ball. 


Origin | Piendamó, Cauca, Colombia

Producer | Diego Bermudez

Farm | Finca El Paraiso

Process | Double Fermentation Thermal Shock

Variety |  Gesha

Elevation | 1960 masl