Muthathai - Washed


MEET THE PRODUCERS | Along with his family, Peter Mbature operates the Kamavindi Coffee Lab in Embu, Kenya. He's committed to communication and collaboration with smallholders in the village of Kibugo, many of whom don't have many opportunities to learn more about coffee quality and processing. Peter and Kamavindi are working to change that, offering trainings, educational resources, and access to specialty coffee exporters and roasters for these farmers. Brought to us by our friends at Atlantic Specialty Coffee, this lot composed primarily of SL28 shares from the Kibugo community, was selected by Kamavindi Coffee Lab for its cup clarity and excellence in processing.

TRUST THE PROCESS | Fully ripe cherries are pulped, fermented, and washed. Then, the lot is dried slowly over 2-3 weeks until the 10-12% moisture content is achieved.

TAKE A SIP | Kenyan coffee can be a bit... polarizing. With flavor profiles that have a propensity toward the savory (think: tomatoes, herbs), Kenyan coffees are often intensely acidic and very lightly roasted, leaving us with a cup of coffee that sort of shouts at us while we're trying to wake up in the morning. This coffee, however, is none of those things. Instead, it reminds us of a really lovely Ethiopian coffee profile. Pleasantly acidic and markedly sweet, we experience those attributes as candied lemon. At the top, it's floral - like hibiscus - with stone fruit flavors, like apricot. The finish is sweet and rich and slow, reminding us of a molasses cookie.


Origin | Embu, Kenya

Producers | Peter Mbature, via smallholders in the village of Kibugu 

Process | Washed

Variety | SL28 & small percentage of others

Elevation | 1600-1700 masl