Ramon Rodriguez


MEET THE PRODUCER | Ramon Rodriguez planted his first farm on land that he inherited from his father in 1982. At the time, he mostly grew vegetables, which he often bought and traded in the nearby region of Santa Barbara, Honduras - an area renowned for its ability to produce stunning coffee crops. Ramon quickly fell in love with Santa Barbara, and by 1990 he had purchased a plot of land in the village of El Cedral and immediately planted coffee on it. 

Although Ramon has always sold his coffee to our friends at San Vicente, he long resisted their urging to separate his crop into specialty grade micro-lots, or to enter one such lot into Honduras COE year after year. Eventually, he relented, and Ramon surprised himself by taking 12th place at COE the first year he competed. Nowadays, he prides himself and his farm on producing some of the best specialty coffee in the region, and this Pacas - Bourbon blend is certainly no exception to that new standard. 

TRUST THE PROCESS | After being picked at peak ripeness, the coffee cherries are depulped later that day and exposed to dry fermentation in concrete tanks for 17-22 hours. Afterward, the parchment is triple-rinsed with water in the same tanks, and then removed to dry in solar dryers for 10-15 days, until 9.5% moisture content is achieved. 

TAKE A SIP | You can think of this coffee as a (very) elevated version of your everyday drinker. Coffee connoisseurs and casual consumers alike will rejoice in its vibrant acidity, profound sweetness, and amazing texture. The whole drinking experience reminds us of devouring a Granny Smith apple that's been lovingly draped in caramel.


Origin | El Cedral, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Honduras

Producer | Ramon Rodriguez

Farm | La Bendición

Process | Washed

Variety |  Pacas & Bourbon

Elevation | 1580 masl