Ximeng - Double Anaerobic Natural

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MEET THE PRODUCER | Every family has one. Unpredictable and unconventional, black sheep often get a bad rap - but, if you take the time to get to know one, you'll probably come to realize that they're really a lot of fun. This coffee, processed by our friends at Torch Coffee, was lovingly given the name Black Sheep for that very reason. Coffee grown and processed in China seldom finds its way to the US, and we feel very grateful to have gotten our hands on this one.

TRUST THE PROCESS | This experimental lot underwent a 30-day anaerobic fermentation protocol - and no, that wasn't a typo. Thirty. Days. That period was broken up into three stages of fermentation:

First, the coffee cherries underwent an initial drying period to 35% moisture. Next, they were placed in huge (think, like, tractor trailer-sized huge) sealed tanks, where they underwent fermentation for twenty days. Throughout this hyper-extended fermentation period, the temperature within the seeds is carefully monitored and homogenized, helping to keep the moisture content throughout the coffee homogeneous as well.  Finally, they were removed for the final drying stage, to 10-12% moisture content.  

TAKE A SIP | We've tasted some anaerobic naturals that underwent 30, 48, and even 96 hours of fermentation that are pretty darn funky. It's not difficult to imagine that a coffee undergoing 30 DAYS of anaerobic fermentation would be rendered incomparable, and maybe even undrinkable. But, somehow, the latter is not so with our little Black Sheep. Don't get us wrong - this coffee is big, intense, and just about as funky as they come. But, the flavors are a real delight. With notes like blackberry cobbler, rum raisin, and Mexican chocolate, this coffee has given us a new appreciation for the wild child in every family.


Origin | Ximeng, Yunnan, China

Producer | Torch Coffee (Marty Pollack)

Process | Double Anaerobic Natural

Variety |  Catimor

Elevation | 1400-1600 masl