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We are excited to offer this quality product from our friend Raymond from FDMbyOptikalBlitz. Some of you had the pleasure of meeting Raymond at Prelims and we are excited to bring this partnership to fruition! 

Timeline |

We have a small amount of Negotiators in stock, after those sell we will operate on a pre-order basis. 

From Raymond |

If you brew coffee with an Orea V3 dripper, this is a must-have companion accessory. The designers at Orea and Uido Studios devised a simple but beautiful filter setting die to ensure precise and repeatable folding that enables a "no-bypass" flat-bottomed filter brewing method on the Orea dripper.

The Orea is one of the most compact and lightweight travel coffee brewers on the market. TI am providing printing services to enable those without access to a FDM printer to enjoy this tool with Orea's approval.

The material is PLA, and the color is Galaxy Black, which results in a pleasant dark matte grey with small metallic flecks in it.

This Negotiator can be used for both the small and large Orea brewers