PUSH Adjustable Depth Tamper

$175.00 USD

The PUSH tamper took the coffee world by surprise when an early version appeared at the 2015 World Barista Championship, as well as the floor of the concurrent SCAA Expo. It was a unique, puck-shaped tamper, and in the hands of UK Barista Champ Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, it was said to promise a perfectly even and level tamp every time.

The PUSH tamper is made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, manufactured in the UK. Included with every tamper is an adjustment tool - a small hex key for tightening and loosening the grub screw (a.k.a. set screw) which holds the tamper base in place. Also included are instructions for adjusting the tamping depth, printed on the inside of the packaging. To adjust the PUSH tamper, Clockwork Espresso recommends starting by loosening the grub screw and twisting the tamper base until it's extended fully to the 15 mm mark. Then, grind your preferred dose into your basket, and tamp with the PUSH using moderate force (be mindful of keeping the tamper relatively level for this step). Once the coffee seems to be properly compacted, twist the top of the PUSH tamper clockwise until it lightly touches the basket rim, then use the tool to screw the grub screw in place to hold onto the depth setting. Then you're ready to get tamping!