Christmas in July


Near the end of every calendar year, we release what is perhaps our most anticipated, most beloved menu offering: the Holiday Blend. It is a big, warm, liquid hug to our family who has supported us for years, and it's also an enthusiastic high five to our new friends we've met along the way. We love that blend, and we love the folks who enjoy it with us even more. 

Well, friends. We know all too well that we can't just go back to December anytime we want. It's probably over 90 degrees outside, and there isn't an Elf on the Shelf in sight. But. What we can do is have a little fun in the middle of this cruel summer. So, we're bringing back our beloved holiday blend right now so you can have the chance to enjoy it everywhere from the beach to family reunions. Merry Christmas... in July.

MEET THE PRODUCERS | To re-create the holiday spirit in between backyard barbecues, we blended three coffees from four really special producers. At 50%, the backbone of this blend comes from our newly released anaerobic natural lot from the Dara brothers in Yirgacheffe. With its fruit punch vibes and full spectrum of fruit flavors, this coffee gave us the sweet, fruit-forward notes for which we were searching. An additional twenty-five percent of the blend comes from Ivan Solis's farm on the hills of Tarrazu, Costa Rica. This anaerobic washed Catuai lot contributes a lot of spice and additional fruit notes to the cup. Finally, the last quarter of the blend comes from our favorite fermentation guru from Huila, Jairo Arcila. His cinnamon co-fermented Castillo lot gives the blend enough baking spice flavors to make us start seeing tartan. 

TAKE A SIP | This blend is meant to warm your soul while you're perfecting your summer tan. It's heavy in texture and sweet on the palette, making us dream of all the seasonal desserts we'll be enjoying in just a few months' time. With notes of sweet cinnamon, mulled wine, praline pecan, and berry cobbler, this cup is a celebration of all the flavors we love and long for about the holiday season. Perhaps our favorite thing about this coffee is how seamlessly it incorporates both complexity and balance. It's both refined and approachable, intricate and easy-going. Those complex flavor characteristics are certainly there if you want to seek them out (be on the lookout for an aromatic bitters note!), but this coffee is also perfectly enjoyed with cream and sugar by connoisseurs and casual coffee drinkers alike. Enjoying this coffee in the dead of summer reminds us of seeing snow on the beach - it's weird, but also really beautiful.


Origins | Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia | Tarrazu, Costa Rica | Huila, Colombia

Producers | Dara brothers | Ivan Solis | Jairo Arcila

Processes | Anaerobic Natural | Anaerobic Washed | Cinnamon co-ferment

Varieties | Heirloom Ethiopia landraces | Catuai | Castillo

Elevation | 1950 masl | 1500-1900 masl | 1650-1700 masl