Deiro Gasca - Pink Bourbon


MEET THE PRODUCER | With over 35 years of experience, Deiro Gasca is a second generation coffee producer who not only grew up on a coffee farm, but also lives one of his own today. Deiro's Bella Vista shares a property line with his parents, and Deiro spends his days on that land, tending to his over 70,000 coffee trees. Known for being diligent in all aspects of coffee production, Deiro is perhaps most vigilant at the drying beds, where he feels there is the greatest risk of error. His careful attention to detail has earned him the reputation of rolling out lots with clean, expressive flavor profiles, and it caught the attention of our friends at La Palma Y El Tucan's Neighbors & Crops program, who processed this stunning Pink Bourbon lot.

TRUST THE PROCESS | This unique adaptation of processing, known as Bio-innovation, was developed by La Palma's own Sebastian Villamizar, who was inspired by traditional wine fermentation methods. For this particular adaptation, clay pots are buried in the forest floor to control fermentation temperature. Inside, perfectly ripe coffee cherries are mixed with a microbial-rich compost that is made at La Palma and serves as an organic and biodiverse fermentation substrate. The coffee cherries in this lot underwent aerobic fermentation in those claypots for twenty-four hours before being removed to an anaerobic environment for an additional 149 hours of fermentation. After being washed, they spent thirty-one days drying on raised beds, plus seventeen hours in mechanical dryers, to reach optimal moisture content.

TAKE A SIP |  This coffee has everything we know and love about one of our favorite varietals. Imagine taking a lovely washed Ethiopian coffee and making it super sweet - that's the kind of experience you're getting here! The balance of vibrant acidity and brown sugary sweetness is reflected perfectly in flavors like meyer lemon, red raspberry, and - best of all - caramel apple. 


Origin | Timana, Huila, Colombia

Producer | Deiro Gasca

Farm | Bella Vista

Process | Bioinnovation Washed

Variety |  Pink Bourbon

Elevation | 1850 masl