Edwin Noreña - Fruity Flowers


MEET THE PRODUCER | Edwin Noreña is a third generation coffee producer with a pretty stacked resume. A trained agronomist, certified Q-grader, and renowned Cup of Excellence judge - these are just a few of his impressive credentials! When he's not expertly executing complicated processing techniques at his state-of-the-art facility in Quindio, Edwin is a sought-after consultant throughout Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil. We are so thrilled to feature this storied producer on our menu, we couldn't just pick one of his experimental lots - so we blended two!

TRUST THE PROCESS | For this release, we blended two lots of expertly processed coffees from Edwin & co - "Red Fruits," and "IPA Process. These processes are so nuanced and unique, we want to take a moment to detail both of them individually - so you can have a better understanding and appreciation for the meticulous care with which both of these science projects are executed.

Red Fruits: After being picked at peak ripeness, the coffee cherries are soaked in water for four hours before undergoing an initial round of carbonic maceration fermentation for 72 hours in mosto. Next, the coffee is pulped and set up for an additional 72 hours of CM fermentation, this time in the company of mosto, red fruits (strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries), and wine yeast. The coffee is then spread out to sun-dry on raised beds until 10.5% moisture content is achieved, before finally being removed to the warehouse for final humidity stabilization (usually lasting 8-10 days).

IPA Process: After being picked at peak ripeness, the coffee cherries are floated for density and then placed in sealed drums for an initial 120-hr round of anaerobic fermentation. Next, the coffee is dry pulped and inoculated with Citra and Magnum hops, malt mix, and the coffee cherry mosto, before being placed back in the drums for an additional 96 hours of anaerobic fermentation. Finally, the coffee is removed to raised beds to dry in the shade, where it remains for 20-25 days until optimal moisture content is achieved.

TAKE A SIP | As the name of this blend suggests, it is intensely fruited and floral - making it the perfect release for these early spring days! From the IPA lot, we get some really lovely citrus and floral notes, like bergamot, mosaic hops, and lemongrass. The Red Fruits lot contributes so many fun fruit flavors, which we perceived most clearly as strawberry candy and pear. Taken in its entirety, this cup is both fun and complex, interesting and exclusive - and we're so proud to share it with all of you.


Origin | Circasia, Quindio, Colombia

Producer | Edwin Noreña

Farm | Finca Isabel | Finca Campo Hermoso

Process | Co-ferment+

Variety | Red Bourbon | Pink Bourbon

Elevation | 1600-1750 masl