The Holiday Blend - 'Tis The Season 2023


'TIS THE SEASON | In a winter wonderland far away, Michael Bublé is faithfully serenading us with the soundtrack of the season, and we can hear Mariah Carey's cooing calling to us every time we turn up the volume on our morning commute. That can only mean one thing...

Every year around this time, we release what is perhaps our most anticipated, most beloved menu offering: the Holiday Blend. It is a big, warm, liquid hug to our family who has supported us for years, and it's also an enthusiastic high five to our new friends we've met along the way.

We don't know about you, but for the team at Black & White, 2023 has been a year full of saying YES. As we reflect back on the year we've had, we find ourselves saying yes to so many things, perhaps for the first time in over three years. YES to parties and dinner dates, to concerts and summer vacations. And, YES to some bigger and more personal things: this year, some of us said YES to leadership roles and professional challenges, and to proposals and new beginnings. With each YES, we celebrate our resilience as humans, as a community, and as a family. As you sip this cup of coffee while reflecting back on your own year, we hope you find a reason to celebrate those things, too.

FA LA LA LA LA | Perhaps the best thing about this year's Holiday Blend is how seamlessly it incorporates both complexity and balance. It's both refined and approachable, intricate and easy-going. It serves as a subtle, excellent introduction to co-fermented coffees like Carlos Plaza's Cinnamon Anaerobic lot,  but this coffee can be perfectly enjoyed with cream and sugar by connoisseurs and casual coffee drinkers alike. With a citrus character like oranges and plenty of spiced sweetness (think cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning!), this cup is certainly an ode to the flavors we love about the holiday season. Cooked fruit notes coupled with a glimmer of booziness remind us of mulled wine, making the whole experience a delightfully festive one. Everything about this coffee resounds with the holiday spirit, including its ability to welcome everyone to the table.


Origins | Huila, Colombia | Mt. Elgon, Uganda | Cabañas, Honduras

Producers | Carlos Plazas | Gamatui community | smallholders in Cabañas

Farm or Washing Station | Bellavista Estate | Sipi Falls Washing Station | San Vicente

Process | various 

Variety |  various