Jhonatan Gasca - Thermal Shock Pacamara

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MEET THE PRODUCER | Jhonatan Gasca is no stranger to failure. In 2010, he failed in his attempt to become a professional soccer player. After re-routing his future and graduating from the Colombian National Technical Institute, Jhonatan returned to his father's coffee farm and started experimenting with fermentation methods. At first, this did not go well. After a couple of years of running trials and being turned away by coffee buyers, Jhonatan grew discouraged and gave up his newfound interest in processing methods for a long time. 

Finally, in 2018, Jhonatan was encouraged by his friends from El Diviso and Las Flores to start experimenting again. And this time, he thrived! Jhonatan found the right buyers (our new friends at Lohas Beans) and is quickly becoming a leader in processing innovation in his home country of Colombia. In fact, this coffee was served on the barista competition state this year, by our very own (and dearly loved) Jake McFarland.

TRUST THE PROCESS | After being picked at peak ripeness, the coffee cherries are placed in 200-liter tanks with water, where floaters and other impurities are removed. The water is then drained, and a second round of quality sorting (by hand) ensues. The cherries are left to oxidize for 48 hours in open bags, giving them time to warm up and thus enhancing both sweetness and fruit flavors. After two days, the bags are closed to prepare the cherries for 150 hours of anaerobic fermentation. During this time, the sugar present in the still-intact mucilage interacts with lactic acid bacteria and microorganisms in the fermentation environment, further intensifying those fruity flavors. This second round of fermentation abruptly ends when the cherries are "quenched:" a specific method of cooling down coffee cherries, wherein first hot (50 degrees Celsius) and then cold (20 degrees Celsius) water is used to wash the cherries, eliminating the microbial load and opening the pores in the bean (with the hot water) before rapidly sealing them (with the cold water), locking in all of those delicious fruit flavors. Finally, the cherries are spread out two dry on African beds for two weeks, being closely monitored for humidity.

TAKE A SIP | Last year's lot was chock-full of red fruit flavors, but this one is a bit cleaner overall. Floral, like lilies, it still maintains some of that red fruit character - think rainier cherries! But it also has a nice sweetness and vibrant acidity, reminding us of meyer lemons and tangerines. For the second year in a row, this uniquely processed coffee brings together the two worlds of naturally processed coffees and washed lots, giving us a lovely flavor profile that is somehow loyal to both. 


Origin | Bruselas, Huila, Colombia

Producer | Jhonatan Gasca Serna

Farm | Zarza

Process | Washed Thermal Shock

Variety | Pacamara 

Elevation | 1750 masl