Marysabel y Moisés - Gesha


MEET THE PRODUCERS | We are thrilled to host Honduras's own coffee power couple, Marysabel Caballero and Moisés Herrera, on our menu once again! As far as coffee stories go, theirs is somewhat of a fairytale. For her part, Marysabel Caballero is a fourth generation coffee producer whose family ties to the industry date all the way back to 1907. Moisés Herrara is a newbie by contrast - he got his start in coffee while working for a Guatemalan coffee exporter in the early 1990's. In 1992, a work trip - or was it fate? - brought Moisés to very same region where Marysabel and her family had been growing high-quality coffee for nearly a hundred years. The two were married in 1996, and they immediately began planting and cultivating their first farm together, La Maltide. What began as two lovebirds and one farm in the municipality of Marcala has since grown to an empire of thirty-five distinct coffee farms, each bearing the couple's names - including Xinacla, the farm which yielded today's highly anticipated release, a beautiful expression of Honduran Geshas.

TRUST THE PROCESS | Coffee cherries are hand-picked and hand-sorted at peak ripeness before being de-pulped and going for a ride in the mechanical mucilage remover. The parchment coffee (with some mucilage still remaining) is then allowed to ferment overnight and finally washed in a washing channel, which helps with a second round of quality sorting - this time, for floaters and underdeveloped beans. Finally, the coffee goes for a spin in a centrifuge to remove excess water and is transported to raised beds near their home in Marcala - which is lower in elevation and therefore drier in climate - for slow-drying.

TAKE A SIP | The Gesha variety made its way to Honduras by way of Panama, and this particular lot is especially reminiscent of seed stock from a renown Panamanian Gesha farm, La Esmerelda. More subtle in florality but pronounced in its citric profile and stone fruit characteristics. Bergamot, fuji apple, and apricot come to mind as we sip. A delightful, somewhat unrefined sweetness like raw sugar ties up all those fruit flavors in a pretty Gesha bow.


Origin | Chinacla, La Paz, Honduras

Producers | Marysabel Caballero & Moisés Herrera

Farm | Xinacla

Process | Washed

Variety | Gesha