Pegasing - Anaerobic Natural


MEET THE PRODUCERS | Hamdan and Hendra are the father-son duo behind Pegasing Washing Station, a wet mill which collects and processes coffee from about 70 smallholders in the Pegasing area of Indonesia. Hamdan moved his family to Pegasing in 2006 and started growing coffee straightaway. Four years later, his son came on board and quickly began experimenting with washed coffees and other processing methods - a feat which was altogether uncommon in an area known for rolling out conventional wet hulled coffees. Today, Hendra has created what's been deemed "an island of specialty experimentally processed coffee" in a sea of conventionally processed cups.

TRUST THE PROCESS |  Hendra employs 8-10 different processes at the wet mill and often decides which one to use on a particular lot based on the weather that day. For this lot, it was apparently an anaerobic natural kind of day! Upon arriving at the wet mill, the cherries are put through four rounds of sorting, twice through a density table and twice by hand, ensuring that only the beans of highest quality remain. Then, the cherries are put in sealed plastic bags and left to ferment for 48 hours. Finally, they are spread out on raised beds in a drying tent (where temperature can be monitored) and spend 20-25 days there, being turned regularly to ensure even drying. 

TAKE A SIP | This coffee came to us by a new partner, Imports. They sent us a cupping table full of Indonesian coffees, and this one was easily everyone's favorite. We think it's going to take a lot of people by surprise in the best way! Indonesian coffees are sometimes known for having dry, woody, cedar-y undertones, but this coffee is a welcome exception! Super sweet and very fruity, this coffee reminds us of black forest cake when hot. As it begins to cool, the coffee becomes more and more tropical, introducing a delightful kiwi note. When cool, this coffee gets a little wine-y - but not boozy! - reminding us of our post-dinner sips of ruby port. 


Origin | Pegasing, Indonesia

Producer | 70 smallholders in Pegasing

Wet Mill | Pegasing Washing Station

Process | Anaerobic Natural

Variety | Typica

Elevation | 1300-1500 masl