Pineda Family - Parainema Natural


MEET THE PRODUCER | As is so often the case, the Pineda family is a prime example of how coffee farming tends to "run in the family." Theirs is a uniquely interwoven story for us, because we've featured coffees from several producers in the Pineda family over the years (names like Olman Pineda and Benjamin Paz come to mind). This coffee is a blend of two Parainema lots, one each from Samuel Pineda and Kelvin Pineda. Samuel spent his childhood learning the ropes on his uncles' coffee farms but moved to the city as a young adult to pursue different careers. At age 30, however, Samuel decided that city life wasn't for him, and he returned to his hometown in the countryside. His mother gave Samuel one hectare of land as an inheritance, and that's where his farm, Finca El Boquerón, was born. 

TRUST THE PROCESS | After being handpicked at peak ripeness, the coffee cherries undergo both hand-sorting and floating to ensure proper quality. Then, the cherries are immediately removed to a solar dryer to dry for 17-22 days, until 9.5-10% moisture content is achieved.

TAKE A SIP | Together, these two natural lots are BIG, having each been heavily influenced by their processing. The resultant cup of coffee is vibrant and complex, with a distinct winey-ness that reminds us of a 10-year port. You'll taste stone fruit, like red plum, and citrus, like dried oranges. Combined with a dense sweetness reminiscent of black grape jam, the overall experience brings to mind intense, seasonal libations like mulled wine and winter sangria.


Origin | Santa Barbara, Honduras

Producer | Samuel Pineda & Kelvin Pineda

Process | Natural

Variety |  Parainema

Elevation | 1450 masl