Sagastume & Pineda - 2023 COE #21


MEET THE PRODUCERS | With this coffee, we have the distinct pleasure of featuring two members of the most renown producing families in Honduras - and they married each other! Bersi Sagastume is the daughter of third-generation producer and Sagastume family patriarch, Pedro Sagastume. The Sagastume family has spent decades building something of a coffee empire in the Santa Barbara region of Honduras. In recent years, Pedro has divided his farms into multiple lots and given many of them to his children to manage and cultivate for themselves - including El Pozo, which is now owned and overseen by his daughter, Bersi.

In turn, Edwin Pineda is a member of the beloved Pineda family, and we've featured coffees from many of its members over the years (including our friend Benjamin Paz, who also has his name on a black label release this week!). Due to some logistical hoops in Honduras, this SL28 lot had to be entered in Edwin's name at the 2023 Honduras Cup of Excellence, where it took 21st place. Nevertheless, Bersi, Edwin, and their storied families each played an important role in its production and success, and we feel their credit is due in equal parts.

TRUST THE PROCESS | The seeds which yielded the coffee trees that produced this lot were transported from Kenya to Honduras, and the resultant fruit maintains much of that characteristic Kenyan, SL28 variety. After being picked at peak ripeness, the coffee cherries were hand-sorted for quality and placed directly on raised beds for drying, until optimal moisture content was achieved.

TAKE A SIP | In the spirit of Cersei Lannister, this coffee has us demanding, "More wine!" When hot, it most reminds us of a natural red wine, with plenty of red berries, currants, and just the right amount of funk. Combined with the presence of baking spice notes and a sweetness like brown sugar, it also makes us think of mulled wine. A lovely acidity, like lime zest, is noticeable here but is about to get turned up to eleven.

As the coffee approaches a pleasantly warm temperature, acidity and funk factor get turned up a notch, and the coffee still reminds us of red wine, but perhaps more accurately of an orange wine. Some folks at the cupping table even likened the experience to tasting Wine Gums (yes they do exist), calling out those wine-y characteristics paired with fruit notes like red plum and blueberry. 

Acidity reaches its peak when the coffee cools, and this vibrant profile now reminds us of a natural white wine. The variety really shows off its roots here, with notes of currant and blackberry giving all kinds of Kenyan vibes.


Origin | Santa Barbara, Honduras

Producer | Bersi Sagastume & Edwin Pineda

Farm | El Pozo

Process | Natural

Variety | SL28

Elevation | 1550 masl