Sebastian Ramirez - Strawberry Kiwi


MEET THE PRODUCER | Sebastián Ramírez is a fourth-generation coffee producer who began as a traditional grower over twelve years ago, but he soon started exploring the nuances of fermentation and today is regarded as a master of processes like co-fermentation and carbonic maceration. His mission is to make coffee both accessible and exciting, and Sebastián champions those efforts both in his processing endeavors and as a mentor for the Young Producer Program. Both Sebastián and his coffees can be accurately described as "anything but ordinary," and we are thrilled to showcase three examples of his triumphs in processing in one unique, flavor-forward blend.

TRUST THE PROCESS | To create this delightfully tropical cup, we blended three coffees from Sebastian's farm in Quindío:

  • 50% Red Fruits - Caturra
  • 25% Green Fruits - Caturra
  • 25% Washed Pink Bourbon

The two co-fermented coffees which make up 75% of the blend each underwent anaerobic fermentation with added CO2 injection, nestled alongside wine yeast, fruit glucose, and dehydrated fruit - strawberries, in the case of Red Fruits, and kiwi, in the case of Green Fruits. In both cases, the coffee was later dried in two phases: first under shade for 20-25 days, and then in Grain-Pro bags for stabilization for 15 days.

The Pink Bourbon lot, making up the final 25% of the blend, underwent standard washed processing protocols.

TAKE A SIP | Do you remember those Snapple or Dole-branded strawberry kiwi drinks from the vending machine in your high school cafeteria? THAT. That's what comes to mind when we sip this coffee. Unmistakably tropical and unapologetically sweet, this blend tastes like the candy version of some of our favorite fruits, like strawberries and kiwis (duh) - but also like mangoes and lychee. 


Origin | Quindío, Colombia

Producer | Sebastián Ramírez

Farm | Fincas El Placer

Process | Co-ferment

Variety | Caturra & Pink Bourbon

Elevation | 1700 - 1800 masl