Thunguri - Natural


MEET THE PRODUCER | Over 1000 farmers deliver to Thunguri Factory in central Kenya, a wet mill governed by the renowned Rumukia Cooperative Society. RCS is known for shelling out some of the best coffees in Kenya, and Thunguri in particular has been making strides in processing excellence over the past year. In Kenya, coffee processing is heavily regulated - which is a big reason you're not seeing loads of experimental lots coming out of the country. Nevertheless, this lot and others like it are the result of sustained investment in the advancement of Kenyan coffee processing at facilities like Thunguri, and the results are truly spectacular. 

TRUST THE PROCESS | This lot, composed of four varieties, is one of the first examples of Thunguri's newfound focus on natural and anaerobic processing techniques. No fancy co-fermentation happening here, folks - just a traditional natural processing method, executed perfectly. 

TAKE A SIP | This coffee features some quintessential Kenyan flavors, like black currant and baking spices, but the impact of its processing brings several novel flavor notes to the front: vibrant acidity, like meyer lemon and grapefruit; tropical fruits, like lychee and mango and papaya, and stone fruit, like red plum. The fruit and acidity are both BIG, but the overall impression is not funky or wild. Remarkably clean given its fermentation, this cup makes us really excited and hopeful for the future of coffee processing advancements in Kenya!


Origin | Karatina, Nyeri, Kenya

Producer | Thunguri Factory

Process | Natural

Variety |  SL28, SL34, Ruiru, Batian

Elevation | 1600-1800 masl