The Traditional

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This Year-Round comes from a desire to feature coffees from light to dark roasts, to ensure that everyone can find a coffee to their liking. This coffee is the darkest roast that we offer at B&W. If you typically find yourself going for a dark roast coffee at the grocery store, we invite you to taste our expression of this familiar concept in The Traditional.

It is an ethically-sourced, attentively roasted, dark coffee that preserves origin characteristics while also showcasing the flavors brought in by the roaster.  This is a balance that is notoriously difficult to maintain, but we feel this coffee does so beautifully.

We know it won’t be the coffee for everyone, but if we can get specialty coffee in more mugs around our city, we will consider this project a huge success.

So, all that to say... give dark roast a chance.  

In "The Traditional" category you will see flavors such as delicate dark chocolate, deep cherries, and nutty sweet marzipan.

Process | Washed

Components | Colombia (San Sebastian Washed)