Elkin Guzman - Washed CM Catiope


MEET THE PRODUCER | Elkin Guzman comes from a storied history of coffee farming, processing, and selling - his family has been in the business for over 70 years, the latter twelve of which have been largely dedicated to pioneering and perfecting post-harvest processing techniques. For his part, Elkin has championed these efforts, combining different approaches to fermentation and drying techniques which complement the inherent characteristics of each individual lot from their farm in the small village of El Portal, Colombia.

TRUST THE PROCESS | Processing procedures at Elkin's farm, El Mirador, are highly standardized and carefully executed. After being measured for optimal sugar content in degrees Brix, each lot is carefully separated by both volume and density. It is only after these steps take place that Elkin and his team decide which processing method the lot will undergo.

In this case, the lot underwent a process called carbonic maceration. After sorting, the coffee cherries were placed in plastic mugs to ferment for somewhere between 96-144 hours, with periodic injections of CO2 into the fermentation environment. This step is taken to intensify the sweetness, fruit notes, and body of the final cup. Next, the coffee is pulped and then returned to the mugs along with its mustus, providing all kinds of sugary goodness and a plethora of microorganisms. For this round of maceration, the mugs are hermetically sealed for an additional 72-96 hours, during which time CO2 formed by the microorganisms' metabolic processes quickly displace the oxygen in the environment. Fragrance and acidity are further developed during this step. Finally, the coffee is washed and dried on raised beds for 18-25 days, until optimal moisture content is achieved.

TAKE A SIP | Considering the extensive processing outlined above, this coffee is remarkably clean and even floral - making it one of our favorite Catiope lots from Elkin to date! There's certainly enough impact from that extended fermentation to give this coffee white wine undertones, but they're crisp in character - almost like Cava. Big, vibrant acidity like complex citrus similarly reminds us of lemon lime soda. And that, combined with stone fruit notes like rainier cherries, has us dreaming of cherry limeades at happy hour.


Origin | El Portal, Huila, Colombia

Producer | Elkin Guzman

Farm | Finca El Mirador

Process | CM Washed

Variety | Catiope

Elevation | 1550-1750 masl