Fellow Drop - The Future Peach Tea


The Future has been a beloved staple on our year-round menu for quite awhile now. With it, we have been able to showcase excellence in processing techniques, particularly in regard to anaerobic and co-fermentation endeavors.. Our goal with each of these unique blends is to elevate flavor as the guiding principle for each creation.

HOW WE GOT HERE | It’s no secret that we love co-fermented coffees here at Black & White. We also love big, loud flavor profiles - and lucky for us, those two things usually go hand-in-hand! However, we are well aware that not everyone is so keen on those punchy flavor notes, so we started searching for a way to showcase co-ferments in a way that’s more approachable and nuanced. After several experiments, we landed on a blend of five Colombian coffees that drinks as easy as peach iced tea. 

HOW WE DID IT | To create this lovely expression of a summer staple, we blended five coffees from Colombia, including three co-fermented lots from some of our favorite producers: 

  • 50% - Wilton Benitez - Caturra 

  • 20% - Unblended - Developmental Lot

  • 15% - Elkin Guzman - Strawberry 

  • 10% - Brayan Alvear - Lemon Bourbon

  • 5% - Sebastian Ramirez - Peach

TAKE A SIP | The result is just plain… pretty. Subtle and integrated, the flavors in this coffee are certainly tropical, but turned down a few decibels from our standard Future series fare. Fresh peaches and oolong tea make for a delightful flavor pair on the palette, while an aroma like pink florals brings everything together in lovely, tea-like harmony.


Origin | Colombia (5 Single Lots)

Producer | Wilton Benitez, Elkin Guzman, Brayan Alvear, Sebastian Ramirez and developmental lot from the producers over at Unblended. 

Process | Advanced

Variety | Various

Elevation | 1500 - 1900