Finca Nuguo - Set

$75.00 USD


INCLUDES | 3 X 50g bags

ORIGIN | Jurutungo, Panama

FARM | Finca Nuguo

ELEVATION | 1950 masl


MEET THE PRODUCER | José "Pocho" Gallardo is one of the most successful, famous, and revered producers in Panama - and arguably throughout the coffee-growing world. His coffees have been featured on the world barista stage many times over. Lots coming from his farm in the clouds fetch some of the highest prices at Best of Panama year after year. We are honored and humbled to call Pocho a personal friend, and he has been instrumental in our own success - first as competitive baristas on the world stage, and now as a company that has the immense privilege of roasting his coffee and sharing it with you. 

Pocho is what same may call an "overachiever." In addition to the coffee-related accolades mentioned above, he also boasts a doctorate in civil engineering, teaches at a local university, and has forgotten more about concrete structures than we could ever hope to learn.

This set is as precious to share as it was expensive to obtain. 2023 marked an extremely difficult year for coffee production at Finca Nuguo, a farm located at such a high altitude that coffee struggles to grow there even during the best of seasons. Pocho only produced about 300 kg of exportable Gesha coffee this year (about 30% of his normal output), making the two 2023 offerings in this set all the more special. This little trio certainly won't be a money-maker for us, and that's not why we created it - we did so to showcase the incredible things our friend is doing for the coffee industry in Panama, and to give you the opportunity to share in that experience with us.


2017 Vintage

We took a big risk by freezing this coffee the same year we opened our doors. A lot has changed about Black & White since then, but the quality of this 2017 "vintage" Gesha lot has remained steadfast. We've been tasting it periodically over the years to see how it held up, and we are delighted to tell you, it's still the same classy Gesha today that it was back then!

TAKE A SIP | This coffee showcases the most classic Gesha profile in the set. When hot, you'll experience floral aromatics, like jasmine, and loads of complex citrus - particularly lime. As the coffee approaches a pleasantly warm temperature, acidity increases, stone fruit notes emerge (like cherry and peach), and the sweetness is reminiscent of honey candy. The coffee is most tropical at this temperature. When cool, it remains tropical and boasts more sweetness, while still clinging to many of those classic Gesha characteristics - florality, citrus, and stone fruits prevail.


2023 Washed

Washed Gesha lots put Pocho, and Finca Nuguo, on the map several years ago. In fact, one of our owners, Lem, used a lot from Finca Nuguo in the 2016 World Barista Championship. Due to Pocho's limited production this year, we were only able to get our hands on 5 kg of this washed Gesha lot, every bit of which is being offered as a part of this set. 

TAKE A SIP | This coffee is shockingly similar to the 2017 Vintage lot, albeit a little cleaner and a tad more fresher. When hot, those jasmine-like florals assume their station on the nose. Melon and mango are the predominant fruit notes here. As the coffee approaches a pleasantly warm temperature, the acidity increases and more Gesha regulars arrive to the party, like bergamont, black tea, and lime. When cool, acidity peaks and a honey-like sweetness comes to the front. A white grape note is evident here, and the coffee is remarkably clean at this temperature.


2023 Anaerobic Natural

If washed Gesha coffees exemplified Finca Nuguo then, this anaerobic natural lot embodies the spirit of Nuguo now. Pocho fermented this lot at a high elevation, requiring four full days before optimal Brix content was achieved due to the lower temperatures at altitude. Then, the coffee took a long trip down the mountain, where Pocho dried it in his self-designed temperature controlled drying room, mitigating several drying variables which could affect the resultant flavor profile, like temperature, humidity, and UV light.

TAKE A SIP | This coffee is the most intense of the three tasting experiences. It's definitely still a Gesha, but it came to do the tango, not the waltz. When hot, you'll get some subtle florals but a lot of fermentation aroma on the nose - think port wine and indigo fruits, like blueberry and grape. As the coffee approaches a pleasantly warm temperature, acidity increases as that boozy port wine feature morphs into something more like a juicy red wine. Stone fruit, like mango, can be perceived here. When cool, this coffee somehow holds the tension between funky and clean in a way we never expected could be possible. The texture is extremely juicy, and it remains more fruity than floral - reminding us of gummy candy, and happiness.