San Miguel


Meet the Producer | In the clockwork-like, cyclical nature of coffee harvesting, we are thrilled to report: It's Peru time! Coffees coming out of Peru are really hitting their stride right now, and this offering from our friends at Origin Coffee Lab is an excellent example. Although we originally purchased this coffee with blending in mind, it came off the cupping table so smooth and so clean, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to share it with you on its own. 

The name given for this lot, San Miguel, represents two hamlets in the Cajamarca region of Peru, from which the micro-lots comprising this lot were sourced. Both hamlets (Las Naranjas and Laurel) are located very close to the main office at Origin Coffee Lab, and the three entities have enjoyed a close relationship with each other as a result.

Trust the Process | This lot was processed as a traditional washed coffee, with one Peruvian twist! These beans were "cherry-rested," meaning that the coffee cherries are held in plastic bags for about a day to promote the fermentation process and encourage the development of red fruit flavors. This style of processing has become popular in Peru specifically, and for good reason! (Hint: It's delicious.)

Take a Sip | This is the most approachable of washed coffees. It's super clean, pleasantly acidic, and highly crushable. Notes of red cherry, pear, and butter toffee offer a delightful combination that will please both specialty enthusiasts and their easy-sipping parents alike. 


Origin | Cajamarca, Peru

Producer | 20 smallholders from Las Naranjas & Laurel hamlets

Process | Washed

Variety | Mixed

Elevation | 1600-2100 masl